Monday, October 1, 2012

Top of the world - from Brooklyn

The last post pictured our new place with someone else's stuff. Now, we have some of our stuff in our new apartment and it is really starting to feel as though Brooklyn is our new home. Living in and out of boxes for a month makes you really appreciate having all your stuff out and visible, even if it is in a huge pile in the middle of the floor. 

Saturday was the official move in day and it really could not have gone much smoother. One thing we have heard from a few veteran New Yorkers is that things have been pretty easy for us so far, so much to the point that people are very surprised with our luck. Seems my fantastic good luck has a way of following us from coast to coast and I couldn't be happier. 

Our new place is located in Bedstuy. By far the best part about Bedstuy is that you can get a large space, in a brownstone, for relatively little compared to other parts of NY, and you're still in Brooklyn. 

Our tree-lined block. The neighbors are all friendly and talkative.
Hard to tell with all the shade, but this is our little brownstone.
Won't you come in?
Just up a few flights of these...
And you're right in front of door with a useless doorbell!
The place has a few windows and a ton of natural light.
Same room from a different angle
Jordan picked out the couch. She did an awesome job. Also, our coffee table is an old door balanced on old wine boxes...easy livin'
This is the view from our living room windows
A view of our kitchen. Nothing fancy here, everything you need (minus a microwave) and nothing you don't
Living in a one bathroom house means there is little room to share, sigh
Oh what's this? Yep, my job/office
Gotta hang my hats somewhere
And our cavernous bedroom...seriously it is like half the footage of the place. Ridiculous.

And that is the summation of our place. Don't worry, we intend to make it more homey and have some furniture in there soon, but for one day worth of moving and one day of shopping it is coming together nicely. Since we don't have a car most of our stuff has been delivered. Highlights for this week include a full length mirror, coat rack (my favorite item, can't wait) and pots/pans. 

What's this mystery ladder and where does it lead?
Boom! Rooftop access. My alarm clock is on the left. You can thank Him.
And our simple, yet elegant view of the empire state building and Manhattan. It may not be much, but it doesn't take much to make the city feel like home. 

Tonight we are meeting up with my long lost friend Traci at some swanky cocktail place in downtown. Yesterday we met my long lost friend Ricardo for Brunch at Spitzers Corner in LES (Lower East Side for you non-New Yorkers). Great spot. Everyday it keeps getting better and better.