Sunday, September 23, 2012

800ft² - Bright and spacious 2 bedrooms

Over the past week, we have spent a fair number of hours apartment hunting so we can finally get out of my dad's hair and his basement.
  1. The first place was overlooking a Naval yard and was viewed by Chuck when I was at work. He called to let me know that the walk from the train station included about 8 separate projects and that place was quickly nixed. 
  2. Place the second was literally across the street from our current living space. Upon falling in love with it, we discovered it was out of our price range. After discussing ways that we could possibly afford it, we sent an email suggesting a negotiation of terms. We proceeded to set up appointments to view places.
  3. That evening, we had plans to view a house that was just a quick walk east of us. We had made a habit out of viewing the property's exterior on Google Maps prior to viewing it. While doing this search, I discovered that a murder had occurred on the stoop just over a year ago. Chuck quickly cancelled our viewing appointment!
  4. Our third apartment viewing was at 9:45am and a relatively lengthy 20 minute walk from the nearest train station. While not an awful space, we were not wowed. We continued to not be wowed when the man showing us the apartment informed us that his fee was $3,000. Broker fees are outrageous here and we knew we could get a place without going through one with a little more footwork.
  5. This afternoon, we walked a few blocks west to view a place just a few minutes from a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, the grocery store we frequent, an express train line and a farmer's market. The landlords live on the garden floor and were the ones showing it. After feeling really good about them and loving the space, we called them on our walk home to say we were interested!
TL;DR (too long, didn't read)
We're awaiting a meeting to sign the lease and pay the deposit but our move in date should be October 1. Below are the pictures from the Craigslist advertisement Chuck replied to. Promise we'll post pictures of our own once we're in the space, especially since these are from when someone else occupied the space.

The view of the space from the middle of the living room. These windows face east and a beautiful amount of natural lighting.
The view from the windows in the living room.
The kitchen which is adjacent to the living room, making it a pretty good space to entertain!
This is the view from the bedroom into the living room.
This is the bedroom. Those windows were a major selling point for me!
This is the second bedroom. If everyone in Phoenix counted rooms the way people in NYC do, by including closets, most people would have mansions.
Can't wait to have everyone come visit!!

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