Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zoo Crew

So...it's been awhile. Admittedly we have been busy, but not busy to the point that we can justify neglecting this blog as long as we have. Since the last update Jordan and I have come a long way. The days of fumbling around with the subway are mostly memory these days. We know to get in a cab before we tell them where we are going in Manhattan otherwise we wont get to Brooklyn. We know not to get in a cab in Brooklyn.

Even though we've learned a ton about the city and it's boroughs, we are still learning new secrets. For example, yesterday on a return trip from Philly we learned that even on a Monday coming into the city at 5PM is one of the worst ideas you can have. With each new tip I feel more and more at home here in New York.

There have obviously been many happenings since our last post, but to summarize we have been exploring more of Brooklyn, going out in the city with friends, and just generally loving city life. Though I have been negligent of taking pictures to represent daily life, I will be getting much better about that soon. One of our many adventures took us to the Brooklyn Zoo. It is the smallest zoo I have ever been to.

 You are likely at the smallest zoo you have ever been to if the main attraction is a sea lion. He was entertaining enough.
 I am not a turtle.
 Jordan is a bat.
 A return to Jordan's childhood home.
 Dingo's be not graceful in their love, but bold.
 This is a red panda. You can't see his face because it is nocturnal and a jerk.
 Gotta keep fresh for dem ladiez.
 A pic of some aggressive fowl.
 Fall is very pretty.
 There were more places to be an animal than actual animals.
 Jorantuchula Boaz!
 Petting zoo fowl
 An angry goat. If you feed him he takes your hand.

There were a few more pictures from the zoo but in all actuality the zoo is pretty underwhelming. Jordan kept telling me it was a children's zoo but I think that makes it even more important to be more engaging. I'm probably wrong about this though. 

With our day at the zoo completed we wandered to the library and a farmer's market. It's really just a quick stroll from our place so it was nice to get out and see the sights. There's always a moment in each day where I wish I had my camera to photograph something I see. I am going to try to be better about this. I want to document my first year in NYC better than I have so far. I will also be better about regular updates on here if for nothing other than Jordan and my benefit.


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