Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Empire State of Mind

As Trevor Thon so elegantly put it "New York is a city of tall fucking buildings, history and unplanned streets and shit."
That time we were in Katy Perry's Teenage Dream video.
We have arrived! During our flight, I had deep thoughts about not hearing another Shane Co. radio spot for a while.

After landing yesterday, we made a pit stop at our temporary home so Chuck could write in the journal Penny gave him (a part of his daily routine now!) and then proceeded to make some alcohol-fueled decisions. This morning (11am), we decided to hit up the East Coast's version of In N Out, Shake Shack. Deeeelicious!

Afterwards, we headed to Central Park to successfully lay in the grass and walk a few miles of trails.

The Great Lawn. It really is great!
I found this. I don't know what it is.
One of the lakes in Central Park.
Chuck being victorious.
After all this, we have tired feet and smiling faces. We've spent more than a few minutes completely lost and maybe took the wrong train a time or two but NYC has been kind so far and we're excited for the coming days. But not the coming work days, ugh.

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