Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello, From Chuck

So it's only fair I put in some effort with this blog as well. Hi, I'm Chuck. One of the contributing authors to this blog. I am going to skip all the exposition since Jordan so handily took care of it herself. Let's just jump right into it.

Today we went into Brooklyn and scouted out a few areas of the borough. Since neither one of us is familiar with the area we decided to make the navigation dependent on one thing: Beer. See, there is this beer called Pumking that is absolutely amazing and it just so happens to be in season right now. We found a place in Fort Greene that had a bar called Brooklyn Public House where it was on draft so we figured we'd go see Fort Greene first.

The good news is that they have a park. A pretty big one. So naturally we visited it because there hasn't been enough park pictures

Hey! Remember Senior year?

Something rad we saw on the street. It had a ton of compartments. Stash box is my guess.

If you look closely you'll see a building with a cloud in it! That's how Jordan described it to me, so it took me awhile to find.

Found the Pumking. He lives at Brooklyn Public House. A very cool little bar with awesome music and beers

There are literally maps everywhere so you don't get lost in NY. Some are more difficult to read than others.

We then got on a different train and headed to the Brooklyn Heights area. This was sort of an accident that had a few pleasant surprises. Mostly views. The residents and the section of town were pretty sleepy and forgettable.

Freedom's mistress in the background.

This is the southside, or downtown, of Manhattan. I've already been there. We had burgers.

Headquarters of the Jehovah's witnesses. PURE EVIL. All along the...don't remember the rest of the song.

Sweeping NYC shoots available. Please contact me directly, no else has my eye!

Looking at this photo I know realize the blatant commercial plug.

Nifty tree guard...or planter...I don't know what to call this. 

From here we walked into DUMBO. It stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. I think. Jordan will probably let me know I screwed that up when she reads this. Oh well.

If trolls live under bridges then these are the nicest, hippest, and wealthiest trolls I have ever seen.

Seriously selling Manhattan views for cheap!

This prominent archway had a disproportionate door. False advertising.

Last chance. Buy 1 get 2 free!

Thought this was neat. One day I'll grow out of this.

Some of the murals here are pretty stellar. DUMBO really takes pride in it's Pachyderm past.

Clueless as to what this is, but it was neat. 

I called this portrait: Jordan by Day. It could have been Jordan by water. Or Jordan by flowers.

This is the spot where they filmed a scene in the new batman movie, I think. It looks like it anyway.

All told it was a busy day. We walked longer than we thought we would, went to the world's most expensive grocery store and learned a few lessons. The most important being that DUMBO is not really near anything so only go there if you are cabbing or have a bike. Walking will result in the blister that now lives on the side of my foot. Another lesson would be don't walk 5 miles in Sperrys. They really aren't meant for more than .05 miles.

We ended the day goofing around on the stoop and cooking dinner at home. It was our first cooked meal and it helped make the whole moving across the country thing a bit more real. Once we stop living out of suitcases it will become really real. But that won't be for like 3 months. 

Headed out to Philly tomorrow to go see Tim and Alyssa. Adventures to follow.

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